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Bowman Bears

Keepsake Bears and Quilts to treasure forever

Bowman Bears


How long will my bear take to be made?

It can take me up to 12 weeks get to your bear/quilt. I can usually inform you how long your keepsake bear will take when you place your order.

Do I need to send all of my Wedding dress to you?

No. I usually only use the bodice and a section of the skirt from a wedding dress. So if you are happy to deconstruct your wedding dress yourself, it will help on postage costs. It also means you can save some fabric if you want to use it for anything else.

How do I send my wedding dress to you?

The best way to send is via a tracked postal service. For example Royal Mail are very reliable. You can also look for a courier too. Some will pick up from your house too. I have used in the past to send larger parcels.

Where are you based, can I drop off the clothes to you?

I live in Worcester Park in Surrey. You are more than welcome to drop off the clothes to me if its easier for you and you are local. Please contact me before hand to make sure I will be in at [email protected]

What type of clothing is most suitable?

I can use most items of clothing for keepsake bears and quilts. The only things that don't work so well are very open weave jumpers as it might mean the joints don't fix properly to the body of the bear.

How many items of clothing do you need?

For large baby keepsake bears I need 5-6 items of baby clothing, for the standard baby keepsake bear I need 4-5 items. For Remembrance bears made from clothing from a loved one, usually one item is sufficient (if they are adult clothes). However you may wish to use a few items within the bear and that is fine.

For keepsake quilts, I need around 30-40 items of baby clothing.